[Can leeks be eaten during lactation]_Leek_Feeding_Can you eat

[Can leeks be eaten during lactation]_Leek_Feeding_Can you eat

Leek, commonly known as aphrodisiac, is the most common type of food. The nutritional value of leek is very high, and it can supplement the body with protein and trace elements.

During the lactation period, you can eat leek, and it can promote the recovery of qi and blood, increase the secretion of milk, and have sufficient effects on postpartum body vitality repair.

In addition to breastfeeding mothers, in addition to supplementing some protein, vitamins in vegetables are essential, so can we eat leek during breastfeeding?

Leeks contain a lot of vitamins, mineral elements also play a role in promoting appetite.

Therefore, moderate consumption is appropriate for the human body.

However, if you eat too much leek during breastfeeding, it will inhibit milk secretion, which will be counterproductive.

Experts point out that the common uses of leeks in medicine are as follows: 1, postpartum congestion, bloody coma (excessive bleeding, fainting, including hemorrhagic shock) leeks or roots are smashed, put in a bottle, and boiled with vinegar or wineRush in, smoke the nose and mouth while hot, there is a first aid back to Su Gong.

2, bruises, fatigue, swelling and pain, or trauma bleeding more than leeks or roots, smashing the wound, can relieve fatigue and pain, stop bleeding.

3. Broken fractures: 15 grams of leek, light white, 9 grams of ginger, 10 white peppers, 30 grams of brown sugar, 5 scallions, 60 grams of flour, smashed into a cake, and bandaged the wound.

4. Adult or pediatric night sweats, cook with leek or chives (companion meat) and drink soup (don’t eat too much meat to prevent poor digestion), not only can stop sweating, and can be appetizing, and have strong strength.