How to train cerebral palsy children to start talking again

How to train cerebral palsy children to start talking again

First of all, the best training should be started from the easier sounds, such as ai and other initials.

The mouth shape of the trainers and parents should be large and clear, and attention should be paid to guiding the specific position of the child.

The demonstration first demonstrates to the child and then imitates it.

Parents or trainers should be the best, the volume should be loud, the tone should be high or low, the speed can be slowed down, and the expression and movement should be brought to the interest of the child.

You can take out the card painting (bunny, bird, elephant, etc.) and say the name of the animal, and let the child repeat.

In the group training in the rehabilitation center, each child with cerebral palsy takes a card to draw a picture, and the trainer tells the name and demonstration, and then lets the child learn.

Self-speaking encourages children to tell what they are doing while they are playing.

Questioning the child to understand the problem and make the right response, the simplest question is to let the child answer “yes” or “no”.

Or answer a word, which can be extended to let the child narrate or tell why.

The children in the church use words of confidence, such as the activity of giving the child a gift, and each time a fruit is given to an animal model.

Before sending it, report to the trainer or parent: “Give the elephant orange”, give the fruit to the animal, and say it again, “Give the orange to the elephant.”

At the beginning, the trainer or parent teaches to say and do, and later the child does it himself, and gradually changes the usage of speech and improves the narrative ability.

The prompt can be a verbal prompt, or it can be a card draw or an action prompt.

Give the child a correct speech response with less feasible hints.

For example, give the child a card painting (the plane flies in the air, the puppy is sleeping, the kitten is eating fish, etc.), let him tell the content on the screen.

Drinking water, honey, water should be drunk in the morning

Drinking water, honey, water should be drunk in the morning

Drinking water has health and health effects, honey water, light salt water, boiled water, etc. have different effects on health, so the time is not exactly the same, then when is honey water better?

Some people have proposed “three cups of water a day”, that is, a cup of honey water in the morning, a cup of light tea after lunch break, and a cup of ordinary boiled water before going to bed.

What is the drinking water method?

  Experts pointed out that drinking salt water in the morning may lead to high blood pressure, so it is recommended to drink cold water in the morning, or the elderly drink a glass of honey water.

According to the efficacy of water, honey, salt and the physiological needs of the human body, “early honey and evening water” is better.

The reasons are as follows: 1. After a night of sleep, most of the water in the body has been excreted or absorbed. At this time, the water is added, but the main purpose of the first cup of water after getting up is to add water. If honey is added to the water, the body mustExcretion of water reduces and digests honey, which also exacerbates dehydration.

Therefore, after getting up in the morning, drink a small cup of boiled water and drink a cup of honey water, which can not only add water, but also increase nutrition. For the elderly, it can also promote defecation.

  Drinking light salt water in the morning is not good for health.

Because under normal circumstances, the body’s sodium is generally not lacking, if you drink a cup of light salt water every morning, for a long time, the body’s sodium content is too high, may lead to high blood pressure, nephritis and other diseases.

Only when heavy sweating or excessive exercise leads to loss of sodium salt after heavy physical labor or acute exercise, it is necessary to drink some light salt water to supplement water and electrolytes.

  2, drinking a cup of cold water before going to bed is more conducive to health care than drinking honey water because honey is not simply sucrose, but after all, it is still sugar, so it is not appropriate to drink before going to bed every night.

It is necessary to drink a cup of cold water at night, because some people drink enough water during the day. In addition to drinking water at night, in addition to properly adding some water, and causing refreshing, clearing, and relieving cough, it is more important for the whole body.The metabolism is prepared for excess moisture.

Only too much water in the human body can fully exert the metabolic activities of the tissue cells.

  In addition, it is also advisable to drink a little light tea after lunch break, so that you can relieve the greasy oil at lunch and refresh your mind so that you can improve and work better in the afternoon.

This way, ginger can relieve 4 kinds of discomfort in the body.

This way, ginger can relieve 4 kinds of discomfort in the body.

Click to buy winter radish to eat ginger, do not need a doctor to prescribe a prescription, this saying goes that many people are familiar with.

But if you talk about how to eat ginger in the summer, it is estimated that few people know.

The following types of ginger can be used to relieve physical discomfort, especially for summer consumption.

  Vinegar soaked ginger and spleen and stomach promoted the digestive weather. The heat caused many people to eat without appetite or indigestion. In fact, eating vinegar soaked ginger every day can alleviate the above symptoms.

  Ginger has a unique spicy taste, can stimulate the taste buds, spleen appetizer, and vinegar has the effect of appetizing and promoting blood circulation. Ginger can be better used to regulate the spleen and spleen and stomach, suitable for people with spleen and stomach deficiency and indigestion.

  Practice: Slice fresh ginger, soak in rice vinegar, add a small amount of sugar and salt, and serve it after three days.

  In addition, ginger tangerine peel tea also has appetizing to promote digestion, the practice is also very simple, take 2?
3 slices of ginger and 2?
3 pieces of dried tangerine peel, brewed with boiling water.

Ginger also has the effect of stopping vomiting. If you feel sick, you can chew a few slices of raw food directly.

  Ginger into the cold dish antibacterial cold salad is a must-have dish for many people on the summer table, it is recommended that you add ginger or ginger when mixing cold dishes.

Because ginger is mild, it can neutralize the coldness of cold vegetables, expel the cold in the human body, and have a certain antibacterial effect, which can help prevent food-borne diseases.

  In addition, ginger is a very effective antioxidant that inhibits the production of lipid peroxides in the body, leading to delayed cell aging.

  If you add some minced garlic in the cold dish, the effect of antibacterial and gastrointestinal tract will be better. Some can add ginger and minced garlic when making cold eggplant, andrographis and cucumber.

  Ginger tea resists air-conditioning disease in the air-conditioned room for too long and easy to catch cold, plus has not sweating, leading to headaches, head stuffiness, nausea, there will be symptoms of low appetite, diarrhea and so on.

Ginger has the effect of dispelling cold and dispelling cold, and it is very effective in preventing and treating “air conditioning disease” with ginger tea.

  The practice of ginger tea is very simple, take ginger 3?
5 pieces, start again with boiling water.

Need to be reminded that ginger tea must be hot, because “air conditioning disease” is caused by cold lungs and stomach, must drink hot ginger tea to dispel the body’s cold, help the body sweat, effective detoxification.

  In addition, the ginger porridge can also play the above-mentioned role, the specific method is: take 10 grams of ginger, 50 grams of rice, add water and porridge after washing the rice, add ginger when cooked quickly, cook until cooked, you can take it hot.

  The brown sugar ginger soup relieves the cold and the cold has a changing climate in summer. Many people have a cold and cold, which is characterized by chills and clear nose.

Ginger is warm, just the cold “killer”, with fever, hurricane, cold effect.

The brown sugar has the function of nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation, and it can improve the circulation of the body surface and treat colds and colds.

  The practice of brown sugar ginger soup is: take 10 grams of ginger, 15 grams of brown sugar, wash the ginger, cut the silk, soak for 5 minutes with boiling water, simmer 2?
3 minutes, add brown sugar to dissolve.

It should be noted that brown sugar ginger soup is only suitable for cold and cold after the cold or rain, can not be used for heat or cold.

  Although the ginger has a very high therapeutic and medicinal value, it is not suitable for everyone. The following types of people should pay special attention.

  A person with a fever in his hands and feet is a yin deficiency constitution, which is caused by insufficient body fluid in the body.

Ginger is warm, it will easily consume the body fluid, followed by dry mouth, dry eyes, upset, irritability, insomnia and other symptoms.

  2 Hepatitis patients often eat ginger will aggravate their symptoms, because the heat caused by ginger is not good for the elimination of inflammation.

  3 bad breath people think that bad breath is caused by stomach heat, ginger warm, stomach heat people will aggravate the symptoms of metabolism, and even cause toothache, headache, hemorrhoids and other symptoms.

  4 constipation crowd because constipation is mostly intestinal heat, at this time if you eat ginger, it will increase the symptoms of constipation.

The authoritative medical journal Lancet: Is drinking in the end healthy or terrible?

The authoritative medical journal “Lancet”: Is drinking in the end healthy or terrible?

Many people often say that drinking less alcohol is good for the body. For example, “drinking is good for cerebral blood vessels”, it can promote blood circulation, accelerate blood flow, avoid embolism, etc., and even many people take some alcohol every day as a kind of health.


The world’s top medical journal The Lancet has published a study on the “drinking” of multi-country results: a sample of nearly 600,000 people, the question of whether “alcohol is good or bad for cardiovascular” and the pastAll kinds of misunderstandings, some “drinking is good for blood vessels”, it has sent out the answer. This time finally made it clear!

Stroke: A significant increase in the incidence of stroke is as follows. All count points are above the dotted line, dotted line 1.

0 represents the background value of the weekly intake of alcohol in the range of 0-25g.

In other words, drinking alcohol increases the risk of stroke!

Cardiovascular disease: Heart failure and other diseases all increase. Do people think that drinking is good for cardiovascular?

Studies have shown that the incidence of heart failure is an increase in the amount of alcohol transferred, there is no such thing as “appropriate amount of drinking” nothing, not attacking.

In addition, for coronary artery disease, 200g of alcohol per week will increase.

In addition to the above mentioned cardiovascular diseases, the relationship between other cardiovascular diseases and alcohol is as shown above, and basically it is more than enough to die.

In general, if you consume more than 200g of alcohol per week, don’t mention any “cardiovascular benefits.”

Carcinogenic: The World Health Organization lists a class of carcinogens in the 2014 World Cancer Report that caused a statistic-3.

5% of cancers are caused by alcohol, and one in every 30 cancer deaths is caused by alcohol.

Other researchers have used human research to verify the types of cancer associated with drinking and found that heavy drinking (more than 3 times a day) is cited in non-drinkers and is more likely to suffer from five types of cancer: upper gastrointestinal/respiratoryCancer, lung cancer, female diabetes, colorectal cancer, and melanoma.

For cancer, there is no minimum intake – drinking a little increases the risk of cancer!

All-cause mortality: A straight-line study found that alcohol intake exceeded 350g per week, and the risk of death was directly due to the risk of death. The study is as follows, the male left female right, the ordinate is the expected number of lost life, the figure can be seenIn the matter of drinking short-lived, men are much worse than women.

The green line is the expected life expectancy of the dead group with a weekly intake of more than 350g. The younger the drinker is, the 40-year-old drinker consumes more than 350g per week and the life expectancy decreases by nearly 5 years.

In the “appropriate drink” group, the weekly intake of 200-350g range, the life expectancy decreased by nearly 2 years.

The “less drink” group, with a weekly intake of 100-200 g, still has an expected life expectancy.

In fact, 350g of alcohol per week is not a booze.

7 days a week, an average of 50g per day, is almost the alcohol content of two cans of 500mL beer.

So is there a safe drinking range?

So, since drinking can’t be healthy, is there a safe drinking range?

The recommendations of the American Oncology Association (ASCO) are: “Women do not drink more than one serving a day, and men do not exceed two servings a day.

1 serving of alcohol = 1 (341 ml) beer, or 1 cup (142 ml) of red wine, or 1 small 1 (43 ml) of spirits.

These people especially don’t drink alcohol!


Hepatitis patients: Alcohol can inhibit and poison liver function.


Hypertension, hypertensive patients: excessive alcohol intake increases vasodilation, elevated blood pressure, etc.


Acne patients: can induce or aggravate the condition.


Eye disease patients: such as myopia, glaucoma and so on.


Urinary calculi patients: Beer contains calcium, oxalic acid and bird nucleotides that can cause urinary calculi.

Pregnancy women: Excessive drinking of pregnant women may cause deformity and miscarriage.

Lactating women: Alcohol will enter the milk, which is not good for your baby.


Gout patients: Alcohol itself is a high risk factor for gout.


Osteoporosis patients: Alcohol inhibits calcium and vitamin D supplementation.


Patients with digestive diseases: will aggravate the condition, such as chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer and so on.

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Rheumatoid basic dietary advice

Rheumatoid basic dietary advice

What should be noted about the diet of rheumatoid arthritis?

First of all, we should understand that in the process of treating rheumatoid arthritis, appropriate taboos can make the disease more effective treatment. If it is not taboo, it can only make the disease worse or increase the healing time of the disease.

So it is necessary to understand the dietary recommendations for rheumatoid arthritis.

Then these will introduce some dietary recommendations for rheumatoid arthritis for your reference.

1: Appropriate calcium-rich rheumatoid patients with high incidence of osteoporosis, coupled with long-term illness, prone to anxiety, depression, etc., supplement calcium and magnesium also help calm the nervous system and muscles, relieve anxiety or insomnia.

In addition, the B vitamins have a calming effect on the nervous system, which helps to enhance the energy of the cells, and also prevents mosquito bites that breed in the spring, so it is also possible to supplement vitamin B appropriately.

2: Develop a good diet. People with rheumatoid arthritis can drink more juice in the summer to clear the intestines. They do not absorb any sugar and caffeine in two weeks. Smoking is a good choice.

In addition, rheumatoid arthritis is best forbidden, especially not because of the cold drink cold beer.

Don’t overdo it, you can get it at seven, so that your joints can surpass your vitality.

3: Do not over-deliver high-quality food by-products in the body oxidation process, can produce ketone bodies, and excessive ketone body, has a strong stimulating effect on the joints, so patients should not eat high-fat foods, such as milk,Fat meat, cooking, and soup should also try to reduce oil.

4: It is not advisable to eat seafood products. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis should not eat more seafood, such as kelp, sea cucumber, sea fish, sea shrimp, etc. Because they contain uric acid, they can be absorbed into the body and form urate crystals in the joints.This substance is most likely to aggravate the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

5: Eat less acid, salty foods such as peanuts, white wine, sugar and chicken, duck, fish, meat, eggs and other acidic foods if too much, more than the body’s normal pH value, will cause the body’s pH value to split,The secretion of lactic acid is vigorous, and a certain amount of calcium and magnesium plasma is consumed in the body, which aggravates the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Similarly, if you eat salty food such as pickles, salted eggs, salted fish, etc., the body’s sodium ions increase, which aggravates the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

In the morning, let you experience extreme weight gain

In the morning, let you experience extreme weight gain

You can build your weight gain plan as follows, and you will experience the feeling of extreme growth when you wake up in the morning, so that you can achieve the purpose of gaining weight gain.

“Breakfast is the most important thing of the day.”

If you are a fitness person, then this citation is very predictive and will not be completely correct.

When you want to gain weight, the real most important alternative time is actually a supplement package that is served when you are awake before going to sleep.

Because at this time, during the fasting period that sleep needs to endure, you have lost some muscles due to catabolism.

  Therefore, you need to add some nutrients that can quickly enter the stomach and muscles.

You also want to use some supplements that stimulate testosterone work, and the brakes take advantage of the high levels of testosterone in the natural state of the morning to gain more muscle.

As soon as you are awake, use the Morning Muscle Package, which will help you achieve weight gain and all of the above goals without having to prepare for any diet.

  High relative molecular mass fluorescence At night, the liver uses its stored hepatic sugar (a form of glucose storage) to power the body.

Once the amount of glycogen stored reaches a very low level of risk, the liver sends a signal to the body to break down the muscle protein brakes to gain energy.

So in the morning, you need to drink a fast-digesting glucose that is readily available – this is what is technically called high molecular weight impurities.

They will even reach the liver faster than Gatorade and restore the liver’s glycogen levels, so that the liver will turn off the body’s muscle protein to absorb energy signals.

This will adjust you from one catabolic state to another.

All whey protein plus high levels of insulin pills, in fact, in the end is to gain weight gain.

  Relative molecular mass refers to the mass of a molecule of a substance.

High molecular weight graphite is composed of macromolecules that are heavier than other molecules.

Like its high type of high molecular weight starch, it is made up of smooth corn starch.

They can quickly pass through the stomach to the small intestine where they are absorbed, into the bloodstream and into the liver.

This can also help lower the level of cortisone (a catabolic hormone that competes with anabolic hormones such as insulin pills and causes muscle breakdown), and when you wake up, the level of cortisone is also veryHigh.
  Dosage: 40-60 grams of high molecular weight lipids are added to the whey protein powder blended beverage.

  Whey Protein Powder When the morning, the body has experienced a 7-9 hour fasting phase, during which the body breaks down muscle protein and converts it into energy.

The best way to stop this progress is to take about 40 grams of whey protein powder.

  Whey is a fast-digesting protein that your body absorbs, especially if you choose a product that separates whey protein, or an absorption-transformed protein with transformed protein whey protein (for replacement into the bloodstream, wheyThe protein is broken down into small pieces).

Amino acids from whey can quickly enter the bloodstream and are used as energy to replace muscle proteins.

Those amino acids that are not used as energy will enter the muscles to repair the broken parts.

  Whey protein powder contains peptides, which increase the ability of blood vessels to swell and deliver more blood to the muscles, which can increase the transport of amino acids in whey protein and also deliver more thyroid pills.hormone.

This is very important when you wake up, because this sort is the highest level of retinal hormones in your retina.

  The supplement of the amino acid supplement of the mixed drink carnitine containing 40 grams of whey protein powder is so famous because it has the ability to be unlucky to the mitochondria of the cells and burn to produce energy.

At present, science tells us that carnitine can also increase the amount of male hormone receptors in your muscles, so that testosterone can bind to receptors and stimulate growth.

The more such receptors, the more retinal hormones can exert their growth-promoting effects.

  Because when you get up, the level of insulin hormones is at its highest level, taking carnitine can help you get a higher level of insulin pills to fully play its role in promoting muscle growth.

Studies have also found that carnitine can promote blood flow to the muscles, which also triggers the flow of plasma hormones to where it is most needed.

Ingestion of carnitine with a whey-carbohydrate mixed drink is a clever approach because insulin secretion caused by metabolites and proteins will promote the delivery of more carnitine into the muscle.

  Dosage: 1-3 g like L-carnitine, acetyl-L-carnitine or L-carnitine-L-tartrate supplement dose high molecular weight lipid 40-60 g whey protein powder 40 g  Carnitine 1-3 g

Travel must guard against getting angry

Travel must guard against “getting angry”

During the tour, many people have symptoms such as flushing, restlessness, and loss of appetite. Others have herpes on their lips and mouth.
This is what people often say about “getting angry”.
If you pay attention to the following points during the tour, you can avoid it.
Fully prepared.
Before you leave, you should be well prepared for the route of travel, the time of your ride, and the items you carry.
In this way, no matter what happens, you can be calm and calm.
Life is regular.
The schedule of the tour is best to work according to the usual routine, get up on time, sleep (sleep food), regular meals, not to give up a meal in a hurry, and not overeating for a meal.
Eat more clear food.
Fresh green leafy vegetables (vegetable foods), fruits (fruit foods) and green tea all have good effects. Try to eat as much as possible.
Pay attention to work and rest.
Arrange various activities to be appropriate and moderate, to ensure adequate sleep, so as to avoid excessive fatigue and decreased resistance.
The right medicine.
Due to the intense fatigue during the tour, the body’s regulation and immune function have declined, and the tolerance to external adverse factors has weakened. Once it is “fired”, it should be treated promptly and must not be allowed to develop.

Pine eggs can cause food poisoning

Pine eggs can cause food poisoning

Most people like to use pineapple eggs when drinking beer. They may never have thought that pine eggs may cause food poisoning.


hzh {display: none; }  据有关食品专家检验分析,干净的松花蛋蛋壳上只有400-500个细菌,而脏的松花蛋蛋壳上则有高达1.400000000?
400 million bacteria, if a large number of these bacteria enter the egg through the eggshell, eating such a pine egg will be poisoned.

  When purchasing pine eggs, you should pay attention to the fact that after the loose eggs are peeled off, the protein is dark brown transparent body with certain compensation; while the contaminated pine eggs are light green, so poor and easy to loose, such loose eggsNever eat.

  The bacteria that contaminate the Songhua egg are mainly Salmonella. When it enters the human body with the pine egg, it causes infection on the intestinal membrane. After the fission of the bacteria, it will produce highly toxic endotoxin, causing symptoms of poisoning.

  The experiment confirmed that Salmonella died at a high temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, and died after 5 minutes at 70 ° C. It took 15-30 minutes to die at 60 ° C.

Therefore, when eating suspicious pine eggs, the shelled eggs can be steamed at high temperature for about 5 minutes, and can be safely eaten after being cooled.

The suitable temperature for the growth of Salmonella is 20 ° C – 37 ° C, it is best not to eat at such temperatures.

What should I eat in spring?

What to eat in spring

What should I eat in spring?
What to eat in spring

Everything in the spring is reviving, and everything is showing a thriving scene.

After a whole winter of nursed back to health, spring is an important season for yang.

However, the habits of each season are different, and naturally there are different foods suitable for health.

Today, I recommend several foods suitable for spring to eat. As long as you eat them regularly, you can have good results in orderly health and disease prevention.

First, the spring often eats this thing to keep health and prevent disease. 1. The temperature of carrots rises through the spring, and the weather gradually warms up.

Various viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms have begun to slowly multiply, and their activities are constantly increasing, and they are easily caused by diseases caused by the human body.

The lack of vitamin A in the human body is the main cause of respiratory diseases, and it is also the main factor that reduces the body’s antibody response and leads to decreased immunity.

In carrots, it is rich in vitamin A. This kind of substance can protect the respiratory mucosa and epithelial cells, so it can effectively resist the invasion of various diseases and factors, better protect the health of the body and cause the infestation of germs.

In addition, eating carrots can also effectively remove free radicals produced by metabolism in the human body, thereby emollient and anti-aging.

In addition, carrot also contains a volatile oil, which can promote the digestion of food in the stomach and can sterilize.

At the same time, it also contains potassium boroperate in the carrot. This substance can prevent the blood vessels from hardening after being injected into the body. In order to lower cholesterol and prevent high blood pressure, it has an important regulating effect.

2, there are many germs in the spring of garlic, and all kinds of influenza will follow.

If the human body often catches a cold and destroys the damage caused by the resistance, the normal resistance system of the human body is destroyed for a long time, which is not conducive to health and disease prevention.

The garlic seedlings are rich in protein, carotene, riboflavin and other nutrients, which can not only supplement the nutrients needed by the human body, but also can sterilize.

The piperene contained in this kind can be used for sterilization purposes. Its bactericidal ability is one tenth of that of general antibiotics. This is excellent for preventing influenza and killing diseases caused by environmental pollution.Inhibition.

At the same time, the garlic seedlings are also rich in vitamin C. When this substance is replaced by the human body, it can effectively promote the transformation of iron elements to form an element that is more easily absorbed by the human body.

This not only improves the absorption and accumulation of iron in the human body, but also produces excellent assistive effects against iron deficiency anemia.

Garlic can also kill the protective liver and induce the activity of detoxification enzymes in the liver cells, which can also repeat the synthesis of nitrosamine carcinogens, which plays an excellent role in preventing cancer.

Therefore, in the spring, it does not hinder eating more garlic.

However, many people hate the smell in the mouth after eating garlic. At this time, we can chew some tea to eliminate the odor.

3. Why do bean sprouts need to eat more bean sprouts in the spring?

Because in the spring, it is a season of frequent vitamin deficiency, and this can be effectively alleviated by eating more bean sprouts.

Because bean sprouts are in a growing process, the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients are the most fresh, so it is especially suitable for eating in spring.

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, eating more bean sprouts in spring can effectively help the internal organs to gradually turn from winter to spring, which can better help the body to clear the liver and strengthen the spleen and stomach.

Second, the spring health precautions 1, more than a lot of people just stepped into the warm spring, they will take off the cotton coat early.

In fact, we need to be embarrassed in the spring, so during the season transition period, the body is very vulnerable to cold, which causes cold and other symptoms.

However, the focus of the more is the lower body, especially women, do not pursue the beauty of the moment, put on stockings and shorts early, so it is easy to be affected by the cold, leading to disease.

2, strengthen exercise spring is a good time for exercise, adhere to exercise can guide the purpose of health care.

Regular exercise can promote the blood circulation of the whole body and strengthen the orientation of the whole body joints and the health of the muscles.

However, spring is best to choose some aerobic exercise, not easy to sweat, and badminton, jogging, yoga, etc. are excellent choices.

3, drink plenty of water to maintain enough water every day, can well maintain the body’s body fluid filling, which can increase the capacity of blood circulation, which is conducive to the discharge of liver and metabolic waste.

In addition, drinking plenty of water can also promote the secretion of glands, especially the secretion of digestive juices such as bile, which plays an important role in promoting the rise of yang in the human body.

Conclusion: As the saying goes, the year is in spring, and the day is in the morning.

Spring is the most suitable season for health in the year, so I hope that everyone’s important health schedule will not prevent the health care of the body by eating more food.

The food introduced above is used as a reference. Eat more and enjoy the delicious food while avoiding disease!