Alzheimer’s disease – an epidemic in the future

Alzheimer’s disease – an epidemic in the future

In the TV series “Happy Life of Zhang Damin”, Zhang Damin’s mother is a capable housewife. Later she suffered from senile dementia due to some kind of stimulation, and she could not even find her own home.People, even simple daily needs others to take care of, completely lost the ability to take care of themselves. In the real world, the former US President Ronald Reagan was aggravated, so that he did not remember the brilliant achievements of the US president who had been in the past eight years.Life experiences, even people’s words can’t understand.

  There are currently about 5 million elderly people with senile dementia like Zhang Aunt.

Patients and their families are thus suffering enormous physical and economic pressures, bringing a range of family and social problems.

Regrettably, however, people’s awareness of the disease is still quite lacking. Early detection and proper family rehabilitation care are not available, and the community’s corresponding services and facilities are also in a blank state.

  With the advent of an aging society, senile dementia has become the main killer of the health of the elderly.

Because of the clinical manifestations of Alzheimer’s disease, some people simply call it a disaster for the 21st century family.

  The old man surnamed Luo is 84 years old. He has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for more than 6 years. When he often does not pay attention to his family, he climbs out of the wall and goes out. He doesn’t know how to go home after going out. Even the name, phone number and address of the children in the family can’t be said.I got 3 children “mostly looking for my father”, even if I hired a full-time babysitter, it would not help.

Later, the family had to indicate the family address and phone number on Luo’s clothes.

In this way, the police and security guards became their “regular guests” – the old man who had lost the lost home was sent home three times, and the three children were tossed by the father almost to the point of collapse.

  The 63-year-old Liang Po, is not allowed to take care of the bath with her babysitter and her family, but also to poop on the stool. It is a good time to pull the stool in the flower pot, the rice bowl and the washbasin.

Liang Popo also opened the gas, and several times it caused gas poisoning. In the explosion, the family had found no more than fifteen nannies for Liang Po, and at most they could not hold on for ten days and a half, and they resigned.

Later, the family member who was shocked and stunned had to put her in the nursing home for the elderly in the nursing home.

  With the continuous development of society, people’s life expectancy is prolonged, and an aging society is coming. About one tenth of the members of society are already elderly people, which means that the population of Alzheimer’s disease is gradually expanding, and some people have potential from the middle age.symptom.

Because dementia makes people’s living ability decline, and finally loses the ability to take care of themselves, this not only brings great pressure to the society, but also imposes a heavy economic burden on the family.

  Former US President Ronald Reagan is blessed.

I have enough funds for medical care, I can invite first-rate doctors, nurses, and lyrical, with Reagan and her ex-wife’s daughter, Maureen, saying: “Thanks to my stepmother Nancy, my father can persist.right now.

“But think about it, the generation of heroes who have been arrogant in the international arena and have been in the past eight years. In their later years, they even remembered the glory of their predecessor as a superpower. It is a very sad thing.

  The development of medical research is really too slow in the face of the rapidly expanding Alzheimer’s population.

Humans have so far failed to correct the true cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Medical staff do not know the specific diagnostic criteria for Alzheimer’s disease, and they do not know the tricks of treatment.

In short, humans have so far been unable to deal with senile dementia.

  All of this, in addition to giving medical researchers a difficult medical paper, has brought a heavy economic burden to the society, bringing endless suffering to the families of the patients – they have to endure family diseases.The order of life forced to be disrupted is also subject to tremendous trauma and psychological pressure.

Delaying the onset or progression of Alzheimer’s disease for five to seven years will likely reduce the number of people with Alzheimer’s disease in this age group.

This is a major public health issue facing the medical community in previous years.

  The global population is becoming aging. If humans cannot find effective treatment, 25 million people worldwide are expected to develop Alzheimer’s disease in 25 years. By 2050, the number of people suffering from this disease will reach 45 million. Alzheimer’s diseaseIt will become an epidemic in human society.

  Hi-open doctor reminder: There is no cure for senile dementia

Slimming aerobic exercise that is never out of date

Slimming aerobic exercise that is never out of date

Warm air-conditioned room, rhythmic music, sweating and raining. In autumn, aerobics was mentioned in the plan after work, and the old love of the past returned to the position of new love.

  The basic equipment is packed in a large inventory: the general gym is very warm, so you don’t have to pack yourself tightly. You can wear a short-sleeved T-shirt or a cute vest that is new in spring and summer.

  In short, the principle of loose and casual, but must be sweat-absorbent.

Because aerobic exercise has a long exercise time, the amount of exercise is bonded, and it is easy to sweat a lot. If it is too thick, it is easy to catch a cold.

  Bottom: Aerobics is not very demanding on clothing, mainly for comfort.

Although the low-waisted hip casual trousers can show a graceful curve, it is very testable.

And a variety of details, the color of the pink pants can attract everyone’s attention, if it can match the top, it is even better.

  Sneakers: When aerobics, because of the large amount of exercise, the shock resistance of the shoes is very important. It is best to choose multi-purpose sports shoes, that is, the forefoot and the back of the shoes have air cushions to slow down the impact of the upper and lower jumps on the joints.

Otherwise, the impact on the foot is transferred to the ischial bone and the lower spine, which is likely to cause serious problems. The problem of shoes must not be underestimated.

  Fitness shoes should have thicker pads. The body should not be too soft. Half-height can be used to protect the feet.

  Sports bag: The small sports bag can hold your mobile phone, keys, skin care products, etc., while the oversized big sports bag is not only fashionable, but also the sports clothes and towels.

  Sports Towels: Soft, soft, lightweight cotton sports towel is essential, it can pamper your skin and avoid colds.

  Hair band: A small hair band is enough to help us manage our hair, not letting them block their sights, but also to absorb sweat and make their image more perfect.

Taohua Ancient Town lost in the deep mountain

Taohua Ancient Town lost in the deep mountain

Wangyu Ancient Town is located 34 kilometers away from the southern end of Ya’an City. It is an important attraction on the “Sanshan Tourism Circle (Emeishan-Wawushan-Zhougong Mountain)”. It is an important station in the former Southern Silk Road and the Linyi Trail into Chengdu.

Surrounded by mountains and waters, surrounded by mountains, the main building group is on a boulder. The boulder looks like a cat looking at the fish in the river and is named “Wangyu”.

The ancient town was built in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. It has been around for more than 400 years. It is an important station of the Southern Silk Road and the ancient Tea Horse Road.

  Old Street Wangyu Old Street is a long and narrow long-shaped street. A bluestone road runs through the whole street. The pavement has been polished by the years, and it is a visitor who is reminiscent of the old tea and horse

The streets are all made of wood-framed blue-tiled houses and slings. The exquisite corrugated, corners, window sills and carved stones on the pillars reveal the prosperity of the past.

These buildings used to be Tuen Mun, Yinzhuang, pawn shops, pharmacies, embroidered buildings, hotels, restaurants, tea shops and theaters. Most of them have now become homes.

At the two ends of the old street, there are long stone ladders on the side of the river, which can reach the riverside and connect with the new street. To enter the old street, you must climb the stone ladder to the mountainside, showing the defensiveness of easy to defend and difficult to attack.It is the need of the ancient market town to defend against the mountain stream.

  Due to the topographical limitation of the old street, the overall shape is narrow and long. The building is made up of long streets and is often combined with different functions before and after the courtyard. It has a composite character.

The facade of the house is mostly composed of a door panel, a chute and a door pivot hole.

There is a certain height difference in the floor of the house. Some gates also have several stone steps. The steps are connected with the holes on the street with various doubtful patterns to form a complete drainage system.

Ya’an was called “the sky leak”, the local rainwater merged, and the house used four-headed type, also known as the “four waters back to the pool” style. The four sides of the house were connected. When the rain fell, pedestrians could walk through the temple.

Walking from the old street towards the mountain, it can be seen that some people’s houses are built on the hillside, citing the residential buildings of the old streets. The courtyard is larger and larger, and there are a lot of exquisite wood carvings and stone carvings.

Wangyu Ancient Town later became the location of the film “The Defendant Shanluye”.

  Zhougonghe Wangyu Ancient Town is surrounded by mountains and rivers. The ancient gongs pass through it and linger. The Zhougong River traverses it and the landscape is suitable.

This land and waterway is the main channel for the external connection of the ancient fish, and it is also the economic lifeline of the ancient fish.

  At the end of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Wang fish formed a series of independent commodity trade towns with relatively complete public facilities, and formed the customs of every June, 4, and 7 to catch up. Every time they traded, they were very lively.

Many local public buildings were built at that time, and Wangyu Ancient Town was flourished.

After the liberation, the ancient Shu Road was abandoned, and the Zhougong River was also cut off due to water conservancy construction. The Yawang Highway on the other side of the Zhougong River became the only channel for the fish to communicate with the outside world.

  Wangyu Ancient Town is not due to the martyrdom, but it also reflects the characteristics of Chinese traditional Feng Shui concept in site selection and morphological structure.

“Muse dry, long Nanshan”, above the ancient fish town of Wangyu, on the rock, relying on the mountain water, there is a Zhougong River crossing, surrounded by mountains, it is the “pillow mountain, water, face screen”Say.

  According to the data of the name, a long time ago, tea horse trafficking was a prosperous trend. Some of the brothers opened a road from Ya’an to reach the fish, and then turned over the Maer Mountain to reach Kangding.

At that time, a savvy old woman opened a simple tea shop on this hundred square meters of boulders. The merchants and brothers in the past could drink tea and rest here.

In the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, it was the heyday of the town. Some people began to gather here to build house temples, as well as wineries, pubs, pharmacies, embroidered buildings, silver houses, hotels, theaters, blacksmith shops, etc.Formed a town, named “Wang”.

  The story of the ancient town is like the ancient town of Wangyu. There are many stories.

Legend has it that when the son-in-law made up the sky, a sword fell into the Zhougong River next to the fish, and later the sword became the current Ya fish.

Even more amazing is that there is a small bone spur shaped like a sword on the head of the yak fish, crystal clear.

It is also said that Li Jingfu of the Ya’an people in the Qing dynasty once tribute to the savory fish. After the Queen Mother, he even said: “The meat of the dragon and the phoenix is also difficult to compare with the United States!”

“Yes, the “Yayu” of the Zhougong River at the foot of Wangyu Ancient Town is famous.

At that time, the yak fish of the Zhougong River was still too much. The fish squadrons swam in the river and could be seen on the boulder.

  The red history is in the mouth of the fish, and some stone monuments are set up, which marks the red history of the ancient town of Wangyu.

That was the 24th year of the Republic of China, that is, the winter of 1935, the Central Red Army had been to the fish.

After the Red Fourth Army entered the fish, it used a table in the ancient town to burn a dam to set up a propaganda station to publicize the mobilization of “local tyrants” and “divided fields” and established the Soviet regime.

Later, due to the troops of the Kuomintang Central Army Xue Yue, the Red Army was forced to transfer. Once on the slopes of the generals in Wangyu Township, the land was launched and the sniper battle was carried out. The stone monument at the mouth of the town was the site of the site of the Red Army.

  The fish is located in the mountains and is small in scale. It is not worried.

Like other ancient villages, some of the young people here mainly go out to work, leaving only some old people and children, living leisurely, no competition, quiet and serene, completely without the excitement of the Tea Horse Road Station.There is no such thing as a modern city.

It is this simple folk style and the quaint old street that blends into one, becoming a highlight of the fish.

  Transportation: Wangyu Ancient Town is located in the upper reaches of the Zhougong River, 35 km south of the urban area of Ya’an City, Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province, adjacent to Wawushan Town, Hongya County.

  Car: You can go to Ya’an first, then start from Ya’an to Wangshishi Ancient Town.Chengdu Xinnanmen, Shiyangchang bus station has straight hair Ya’an car, the fare is 48 yuan / person, every half an hour.

There is a small van to Wangyu Ancient Town outside Ya’an Shangba Health School. The fare for one-way fare is 8 yuan/person, driving 1.

5 hours.

In addition, at the open-air station of Yucai Road, there is also a shuttle bus to Wangyu Ancient Town, eight-five tickets, and fifty minutes of occupancy.

  Self-driving route: Chengdu-Ya’an-Wangyu Ancient Town.

Chengdu to Ya’an 145 kilometers, for the highway, the toll is 40 yuan.

Ya’an to Wangyu Ancient Town is 35 km away.

  Location: Wangyushi Inn is located in Guzhen, renamed as “Qingzhu Tea House”. It can overlook the mountains and the Zhougong River. The tea house is also very elegant.

The boss is a young couple and very enthusiastic.

Here, you can watch TV, internet, and shower.

  Nearby attractions: Haizi Mountain, Zhougong River, Wawu Mountain Scenic Area Travel Tips: 1.

When you first arrive at the fish, don’t be confused by the new building built on the river. There are some steep and long slopes at the entrance of the town. The steep and steep stone steps go up, and the above is the preserved ancient street.


Special catering: fresh bamboo shoots, ya fish and other natural products; old bacon, wild yam stewed chicken and other farmer’s dishes.

Men can also continue to have multiple orgasms

Men can also continue to have multiple orgasms

Many women can experience the feeling of multiple orgasms in a one-time interview. Before reaching the final orgasm, they can even maintain the peak state of sexual desire.

Men are different.

The famous American sex masters Masters and Johnson both said that men can’t get multiple orgasms in a one-time life like women.


hzh {display: none; }  但近来有报告表明,多次性高潮在男性中是可能的.

As William Hartman pointed out in his book “A man can do it”: “As long as you dare to try, it is not difficult for any man to do this.”

  In fact, in real life, there are indeed too many men who claim to be able to do this.

Some men said that they can reach a series of unanimity without sexual ejaculation during sexual intercourse. The external manifestation is that the penis rhythmically contracts, sometimes even 6-8 times, which makes them greatly satisfied.

When multiple orgasms accumulate together, men can experience a deeper climax.

  The discovery of multiple orgasms in men illustrates the fact that men do not have actual crossover periods, and that women, like women, can easily reach new sexual arousal.

However, the necessary condition for some of this ability is that men must have a strong PC muscle (pubic sacral muscle), and there must be a sense of not having to stop after the first orgasm is completed, and men must have a strong physique.。
  The sex education that most men receive during their growth is that only ejaculation is the real climax of men. It is these one-sided thoughts that lead them to abandon their ability to discover and train themselves to culminate without ejaculation.

According to the survey, 38% of men have the ability to have multiple orgasms after 35 years of age, and many have happened to have experienced multiple orgasms before they insist on doing so.

  However, all the men who participated in the survey said that if they had sex with unfamiliar partners, they would have difficulty reaching multiple orgasms.

Only the emotions are close, there is no strong atmosphere for each other, they have good sexual reaction ability, and they like continuous entertainment sex activities, so that they can enjoy many times of happiness.

Newcomers in the workplace should not take the initiative to give themselves an enemy

Newcomers in the workplace should not take the initiative to give themselves an enemy

The inability to treat colleagues as friends is the creed of many people in the workplace, not the truth of treating colleagues as enemies, but it is ignored by most people in the workplace.

  Xiaoting just entered a cultural unit six months ago.

For newcomers, the first priority in getting into the workplace is to get familiar with the business as soon as possible, to build a good relationship with colleagues, and to quickly establish a firm foothold.

Xiaoting is an exception.

She has been dead without the philosophy of “defending the heart of the people”: if a colleague takes the initiative to talk to her, she will double the precaution and think that others are plotting.

  Once, when Xiao Ting saw that the name of the newcomer who came in with her appeared with her old colleague, she ran over and said, “You are so energetic, you have been fixed by you.”

“One to two, everyone is not willing to provoke her, and Xiaoting becomes a marginal person in the office. No one has told her about any group activities. No one is helping her when she is in trouble, and her performance is basicallyCountdown.

Finally, Xiaoting was resigned.

People like Xiaoting are not uncommon in the workplace.

There are many kinds of people who perform in this way. Some give their colleagues a slap in the face, provoke distraction, and malicious competition.

The big factor in Xiaoting’s failure is the bad relationship between colleagues.

The bad colleague relationship is caused by her hostility, and her hostility is caused by her distrust of people and lack of basic security.

Therefore, Xiaoting must start from the establishment of a basic sense of trust and self-security, establish a good relationship with others, and start from promoting communication.

  First of all, Xiao Ting should take the initiative to let go of the prevention and actively communicate with colleagues.

Colleagues are not your enemy, tolerate others, to appreciate the advantages of colleagues with appreciation, you will feel better and easier in the collective.

First of all, timely flood discharge.

When you have a lot of depression in your heart and feel depressed, remind yourself to stop.

Otherwise, you will feel irritated and even have some kind of impulse to attack and destroy.

When cleaning them up, you can take a diary, talk, and shout, sing, exercise, etc. in the open space.

In fact, anyone should understand that others are always your mirror. If you smile at others, others will smile at you. If you cast hostile gaze on others, you will see others also to you.Casting a hostile look.

Barbell exercise to help you quickly lose weight

Barbell exercise to help you quickly lose weight

Barbell exercise is a relatively quick slimming exercise. It combines barbell and aerobics. It is a low-intensity but very interesting fitness method in the gym.

  The meaning of aerobic barbell exercise in English is “body charging”. The course selects the barbell of appropriate weight, with the music with strong rhythm, and constantly invigorates itself in the shouts of friends.

  The barbell exercise looks like a strength-type fitness method. In fact, during the training, each person can choose a barbell of different weight according to his or her physical condition.

  The main action of the exercise is to repeatedly lift the barbell up and down the chest, then lift it over the back of the head and lift it up and down.

Usually, the barbell exercise uses a standardized training method to perform a series of free weight-bearing exercises, which allows the trainer to gain more passion from the crowd barbell training.

  The principle of weight loss: Many exercises of barbell exercise are done with posture posture, so that the weight of muscle tissue in many parts of the body is reduced, and the weight is consumed by appropriate weight exercise, thereby achieving the effect of slimming.

A total of 60 minutes of barbell training courses cost men an average of 556 cards, and women consume an average of 390 cards.

  Suitable for the body: Apple-shaped body, radish-shaped figure In short, some of the feelings found in the so-called professional gym are now slowly emerging.

The service has shifted from the initial “big road” to “pure, professional”, and now turns to MIX, in line with the most basic principle of economics, that is, the supply that is affected by demand, that is, the market that is led by the consumer group.

Holding the banner of MIX, to make a big mix of children, although the mouth is difficult to adjust, everyone can eat.

  Don’t think it’s too bad. This “big mix” is not casually blended. It may be delicate foie gras, truffles, and South American tequila; it can be a mini cooper from a motorhome.Eat, drink, play, play, and have everything! It can be the “Two Springs Reflecting the Moon” played by the violin, playing four strings to play Chinese famous songs. tending to “integrate” clothes, design, food, etc.Culture has removed the geographical boundaries, and now it is stepping away from the boundaries of people’s living habits, the boundaries of sports factions, and even the boundaries of gender.

  In the gym, you can understand that a variety of sports elements are being merged together. It is clear that there is a certain kind of sport that is exclusively owned by women or dominated by men. Each course is mixed with members of men, women and children to lose weight and decompress to enhance physical fitness.Come for fun, for different purposes, with a different sense of satisfaction.

What are the benefits of eating sugar cane in spring?

Sugarcane 4 big recipes

What are the benefits of eating sugar cane in spring?
Sugarcane 4 big recipes

What are the benefits of eating sugar cane in spring? 1. Clean the sugar cane fiber in the mouth. When you chew it repeatedly, it is like brushing your teeth with a toothbrush. The residue in the mouth and the teeth is swept away, which can improve the self-cleaning of the teeth.And resistance to cockroaches.

Therefore, sugar cane is also a cleaner in the mouth.

2, Runchang laxative sugar cane can relieve dry mouth, lack of fluid, urinary adverse, constipation, nausea and vomiting, indigestion, fever and thirst and other symptoms.

3, supplement sugar cane can add extra heat to the body, have better curative effect on preventing hypoglycemia, eliminating fatigue and heatstroke.

4, blood sugar cane contains more water (about 84%), and sugar cane is rich in sucrose, glucose and fructose, very easy to be absorbed by the body.

It contains very rich minerals, and the iron content is particularly high. It ranks first among all fruits. Therefore, eating more sugar cane can be a good iron supplement. It is a boon for people with iron deficiency anemia. Therefore, sugarcane has “The name of the blood.

5, spleen and diuretic sugar cane have antipyretic and thirst, Shengjin Runzao, and moderately sputum, lower qi and vomiting, help the spleen and stomach, diuretic, nourish the effect.

How can sugar cane eat 1, hot pot with cane we know, hot pot can only eat more will get angry, but also very greasy.

Combine the sugar cane with the hot pot. The oil in the hot pot will be absorbed by the sugar cane. If it is spicy, it will add a little sweetness.

The sucrose component in sugar cane can be more refreshing with the spicy, salty, and numbing flavors of the hot pot.

2, sugar cane porridge heard banana porridge, apple porridge, pear porridge, really did not hear sugar cane porridge.

Cut the sugar cane into soy beans and cook it with glutinous rice or lily and lotus seeds to help treat the symptoms of cough and dry tongue.

3, sugar cane horseshoe soup will be peeled with fresh sugar cane and horseshoe together to make a sweet soup, with heat, detoxification, clear lung heat.

The green skin horseshoe is sweet and cool, and the purple black leather cane is warm and nourishing.

Put the two together in a casserole and boil over low heat. Cook for 30 minutes on low heat and add a bowl of fresh fruit and vegetable sweet soup.

However, please note that people with spleen and stomach deficiency and cold stomach pain are not recommended.

4, sugar cane mutton soup with sugar cane and mutton soup together, can help the body to gently warm the role of cold.

The sucrose in sugar cane can play a role in seasoning, making the mutton soup more delicious.

The precipitated fiber in sugar cane can absorb the fat and salt in the mutton soup, and it is not afraid to repeat too much conversion. It is a soup suitable for winter tonic.

吃甘蔗要注意什么1、甘蔗霉变后千万不能吃甘蔗发红实际上是霉变的一种表现,而霉变的甘蔗会产生一种叫‘节菱孢菌’的霉菌,这种菌It will secrete 3-nitropropionic acid, which is a toxic substance that mainly affects the central nervous system and the digestive system. It can cause nerve damage. Acute symptoms such as vomiting, dizziness, paroxysmal convulsions, ocular side gaze, coma,Even death, the sequelae are mainly extrapyramidal damage, the main symptoms are flexion, torsion, distortion, limb rigidity, tension at rest and so on.
The most typical symptom caused by this kind of nerve poison is that the hand is in a straight state, like a chicken claw. If the sugar cane is severely eaten, it will cause death.

2, eating sugar cane will get angry? Many people will have such a question when eating sugar cane: eating sugar cane does not get angry, how do you grow so many small bubbles in your mouth?

In fact, eating sugar cane does not get angry, sugar cane has the effect of clearing heat, fluid, moistening, and nourishing the lungs and stomach.

Eating sugar cane will get angry because (1) the main component of sugar cane is fiber. The fiber of sugar cane is special, especially thick, and the tissue of the tongue is tender. When eating sugar cane, the tongue and the fiber of sugar cane are rubbed, which is easy to hurt the tongue.organization.

(2) Sugar cane juice is rich in sugar, and there is salivary gland on the tongue. The so-called saliva is an enzyme. This enzyme is a maltase that converts sugar in the mouth into maltose. This is the reaction.Foam the tongue.

Do you notice the 8 taboos that the elderly must be vigilant in their health?

Do you notice the 8 taboos that the elderly must be vigilant in their health?

The elderly can not only live longer, but also maintain good health. Longevity is the dream of every old age. Nowadays, there are more and more elderly people living in the longevity. What are the taboos for the elderly?

Let’s take a look at it together!

  1, avoid going out early winter early morning, when the building temperature is the lowest, going out to easily cause a cold, causing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Older people should choose to go to the top after 10 am.

And when you go out, you should bring more clothes, it is convenient to change clothes after sweating. After stopping the activity, you should put on your clothes immediately, pay attention to dry sweat to prevent colds.

For a mild cold caused by cold, use 100-200 grams of ginger to boil a large pot of water to rinse, you can cure.

  2, avoid the sun to be too long to properly sun, 1-2 hours is appropriate.

If the sun is too long, it will damage the skin, destroy the natural barrier of the human body, let harmful chemicals in the atmosphere, microbes invade the human body, cause infection, and cause vision loss.

  3, avoid bathing too long in winter, the air is dry and cold, bathing every day will make the body drier and more dander.

In fact, the elderly can take a bath once a day in the winter, or take a bath once every three or four days.

  4, bogey activities, appropriate sports, is an important means of physical fitness, disease prevention and anti-aging.

However, the elderly should not do a sport, choose the right sports, such as jogging, cycling, tai chi, etc. It is best to walk slowly between the woods and breathe the fresh air.

  5, avoid heating loss winter cold, the elderly are afraid of cold, like to use a hot water bottle close to the body, this will cause skin erythema or burns, so as long as it reaches 18-25 °C.

Try not to bake the fire for heating, especially indoor fire, in case the air does not circulate and accidents.

  6, avoid sleeping on the head, this will cause the oxygen content inside the bed to decrease, carbon dioxide and other increases, affecting the normal breathing of the human body, and even cause breathing, or induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Therefore, the correct way to sleep is: right side lying position, low pillow, head exposed outside the quilt, legs flexing and stretching.

If you find that the quality of sleep at night is not good, you can’t remember the dream after waking up, indicating that the kidney is weak, and you can eat it with the lily pig’s ankle soup.

  7, bogey “small disease” is a cure for the elderly in the case of colds, cough, headache, palpitation and other “small diseases”, but also in the winter, must be treated in time to prevent problems before they occur.

Because winter is a good season for cardiovascular disease, it is often caused by minor illnesses.

  8, avoid smoking, good wine in winter, the elderly like to smoke while chatting, watching TV, because the door is closed, the smoke is not easy to disperse, very harmful to the human body.

Long-term smog accumulation, an influencing factor on the human body.

Some elderly people like to drink alcohol to keep out the cold, often addicted to the cup, often drunk.

Due to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in winter, the body is deficient after drinking, and the evil of the outer cold is invaded by the enemy. The cold and heat are mixed, causing damage to the heart, brain and lungs.

Diet and health should be compliant with physical fitness!

Famous doctors and chefs jointly recommended “Healthy Nine Great Clams”

Diet and health should be compliant with physical fitness!
Famous doctors and chefs jointly recommended “Healthy Nine Great Clams”

There are about Jun said that diet, health, appear in every season and every corner of Guangzhou people’s lives.
When I was preparing for the exam, the mother gave me a bowl of soup at the dinner table; after a kick in the rain, I felt a cup of herbal tea when I was eating a cold; it was a “two pieces” when I was drinking the morning tea with the old sinus.It is the wet tea that picks up the kapok home in the spring. It is the summer melon, the old duck, the autumn pear stewed fungus, the winter carrot horseshoe sheep. But the people are divided into nine constitutions, these diets,Are you sure you are right?
Diet therapy, as its name suggests, treats and prevents disease through food.
This kind of food is a variety of foods made from animal and plant using both medicine and food.
As far back as ancient times, there is a saying that “medicine and food are homologous”. Food is a necessity in our lives. The sexual taste function of food is similar to that of drugs. It also has the characteristics of cold and warm, cool, sweet, bitter, salty and sour.taste.
If you can combine the human body quality, weather, geographical environment, seasonal fruits and vegetables, adapt to local conditions, choose the appropriate ingredients and cooking methods, blend the diet structure, so that the combination of fine and coarse, the combination of vegetarian and vegetarian, you can cook nutritious, healthy and healthy, skin care and beauty, healthy and long-lived color, fragrance, taste, beauty and fine food.
From May 16th to 23rd, Guangzhou Asian Food Festival was held in Guangzhou.
Representatives from all walks of life from all over the world will gather in Guangzhou to share the Asian food culture and promote mutual exchange of civilizations.
On May 17th, the Guangzhou Municipal Health and Health Committee took the lead in hosting the Guangzhou Food News Health Forum, which was sponsored by the media to provide “food and health care” forum.
To this end, the Guangzhou Municipal Health and Welfare Committee of the Chinese Medicine Department and the Guangzhou Daily Health Co., Ltd. have cooperated with the studio to launch the series of “National Famous Doctors and Health Preservation Nine Great Clams”, and designed nine sets of home-made recipes for the nine physiques of Chinese medicine.The dishes cover salads, main dishes, stir-fry, soups, congee, pastries, etc., and different body types can be taken.
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Famous doctors + celebrity chefs to ensure health and delicious!
Before you start to appreciate the nine health remedies, you should remind everyone that you want to know your physique accurately. You must go to the Chinese medicine hospital to receive a doctor’s dialectic before you can conclude.
A peace and fitness (healthy type: to maintain) – yin and yang qi and blood, moderate body shape, ruddy complexion, energetic and so on.
Shape: The shape is well-balanced.
Psychological characteristics: character is easygoing and cheerful.
Key population: more men than women.
The older you are, the fewer people have a peaceful constitution.
Adaptability to the external environment: Strong adaptability to the natural environment and social environment.
Ways to nursed back to health: don’t eat too much, you can’t be hungry, don’t eat cold and don’t overheat.
Eat more grains, vegetables, fruits and vegetables, eat less oily and spicy things.
Suitable for fruits: apples, plums, pineapples, grapes, lemons, etc.
Eryang physique (fear cold type: the most important thing to keep warm) – lack of yang, cold and cold, hand and foot are not warm and other cold features as the main feature.
Body: Muscle is not strong.
Psychological characteristics: the character is more calm and introverted.
Key population: It is more common in the northeastern region, and may be related to the cold weather in the northeast. There are obviously more women than men.
Long-term preference for cold foods will also form this physique.
Adaptability to the external environment: intolerance to cold evil, tolerance to summer, intolerance to winter, easy to feel wet evil.
Ways of nursed back to health: You can eat more foods such as beef and sheep, onions, ginger, garlic, pepper, leeks, peppers, peppers, etc.
Eat cold and cold foods such as cucumbers, clams, pears, and watermelons.
Self-massage acupoints such as Qihai, Zusanli, Yongquan, or often moxibustion Zuoli and Guanyuan.
Suitable for fruits: oranges, jujubes, apples, peaches, etc.
Three yin deficiency physique (lack of water type: not suitable for washing the sauna) – the negative characteristics of the negative liquid, dry mouth, dry throat, hand and foot heart heat and other virtual heat performance as the main features.
Shape: The body is long and thin.
Psychological characteristics: temperament, extroverted and lively.
Key population: People who are prone to such physique in areas with windy, dry, and strong ultraviolet radiation.Adaptability to the external environment: usually not resistant to heat and dry, tolerant to winter, intolerant to summer.
Nursed back to the way: Eat more cool and moist food, such as mung beans, melon, sesame, lily and so on.
Eat less mutton, dog meat, leeks, peppers, onions, garlic, sunflower seeds and other warm and dry food.
Suitable for fruits: almonds, peaches, grapes, etc.
Four gas (blood) physique (qi short type: to prevent repeated colds) – lack of vitality, fatigue, shortness of breath, spontaneous sweating and other qi deficiency as the main features.
Body: Muscle is not strong.
Psychological characteristics: introverted, emotionally unstable, timid, not adventurous.
Key population: People who do not have jobs, students, and people who have been engaged in manual labor for a long time are prone to anger.
Adaptability to the external environment: intolerance of cold evil, wind evil, summer evil.
Nursed back to the way: Eat more foods with qi and spleen, such as soybeans, white lentils, mushrooms, jujube, longan, honey and so on.
Eat foods that have a gas-consuming effect, such as betel nut, spinach, and raw radish.
Usually you can massage Zusanli.
Suitable for fruits: oranges, grapes, jujube, apples, peaches, etc.
Wuyi wet body (obesity type: must control body weight) – phlegm dampness, body fat, abdominal fat, mouth and sticky greasy performance as the main features.
Body: Obesity, the abdomen is plump and soft.
Psychological characteristics: gentle personality, steady work, respectful, patient and patient.
Key population: middle-aged and elderly people who like to eat sweet food, do not like sports, sleep, and live comfortably.
Adaptability to the external environment: poor adaptability to the rainy season and wet environment.
Nursed back to health: the principle of light diet, eat more onions, garlic, seaweed, kelp, melon, radish, kumquat, mustard and other foods, eat less fat and sweet, sticky, greasy food.
You can take phlegm and dampness.
Suitable for fruits: hawthorn, oranges, olives, etc.
Six wet heat physique (long acne type: suitable for high-intensity and high-volume exercise) – damp heat intrinsic, with dampness and shine, bitterness, yellow greasy moss and other hot and humid performance as the main features.
Body: The body is overweight or thin.
Psychological characteristics: How irritating and irritable.
Key population: People who like to eat fried barbecue food or like alcohol and tobacco.
Adaptability to the external environment: For wet environments or high temperatures, especially in late summer and early autumn, the hot and humid steaming climate is difficult to adapt.
Method of nursed back to health: diet is light, eat more sweet and cold, Ganping food such as mung bean, spinach, leeks, celery, cucumber, melon, medlar, watermelon and so on.
Eat less spicy food.
Quit alcohol and tobacco.
Don’t stay up late, too tired.
Suitable for fruits: hawthorn, olives, pumpkin seeds, oranges, grapes, etc.
Seven blood stasis (long-spot type: to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases) – blood is not smooth, with blood stasis, tongue purpura and other blood stasis as the main features.
Shape: Most people are thin.
Psychological characteristics: easy to be irritated, forgetful, and irritable.
Key population: Southerners, mental workers, and women are more common.
Adaptability to the external environment: intolerance of wind evils and cold evils.
Method of nursed back to health: You can eat black beans, seaweed, kelp, seaweed, radish, carrot, pomelo, hawthorn, vinegar, green tea, etc., which have the functions of promoting blood circulation, dispersing, qi, soothing liver and relieving depression, and eating less fat pork.
And keep enough sleep.
Health massage can make the meridians smooth, relieve pain, stabilize emotions, and enhance the body’s function.
Suitable for fruits: hawthorn, sacred red fruit, hawthorn, olives, etc.Eight qi stagnation (depressed type: to prevent depression) – qi stagnation, with depression, anxiety and fragility as the main features.
Shape: There are many people with thin bodies.
Psychological characteristics: Introverted personality, depressed and fragile, sensitive and suspicious.
Key population: Most of the people in this constitution are young people, and women are significantly more than men.
Adaptability to the external environment: poor adaptability to mental stimulation; do not like autumn and winter and rainy days.
Ways of nursed back to health: Eat more wheat, artemisia, onions, garlic, kelp, seaweed, radish, kumquat, hawthorn and other foods that have qi, stagnation, digestion, and refreshment.
Avoid drinking tea, coffee and other refreshing drinks before going to bed.
In addition, it is necessary to participate in the collective exercise and release the self-enclosed state.
Suitable for fruits: citrus, grapes, olives, etc.
Nine special physique (allergic type) – congenital disorders, with physiological defects, allergic reactions, etc. as the main features.
Body: no special, or deformed, or congenital physiological defects.
Psychological characteristics: no special.
Adaptability to the external environment: poor adaptability, such as allergies, poor adaptability to the season, easy to cause sickness.
Mode of nursed back to health: diet is light, balanced, appropriate mix of thickness, reasonable compatibility.
Eat less spicy foods such as buckwheat, broad beans, white lentils, beef, goose, eggplant, and strong tea, hair products and foods containing allergenic substances.
Suitable for fruits: oranges, grapes, jujubes, apples, peaches, etc., and avoid fruits that are susceptible to allergies.
Medical guidance / Guangdong famous old Chinese medicine, director of Chinese medicine physician He Guangxian cuisine design: Guangzhou regional food industry association text / Guangzhou Daily full media reporter text Wu Hao map / Guangzhou Daily full media photo reporter Qiao Junwei, Li Jin video / Guangzhou Daily full mediaVideo reporter Qiao Junwei, Li Jin, Wu Yi editing: Liu Xiaoxi, Gu Zhanxu poster design: Huang Siqin, Li Jin Guangzhou Daily Health about the studio produced by Jun Jun guess you may also want to see the following reports Guangdong people fruit and vegetable milk not enough?
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Qingdao’s bustling city, the sea

Qingdao’s bustling city, the sea

Qingdao Binhai Pedestrian Road starts from Tuandao in the west and reaches the old man in the east. The total length is 36.

9 kilometers, connected to Qingdao Zhanqiao Park, Naval Museum, Xiao Qingdao Park, the first bathing beach, Badaguan Scenic Area and other famous attractions.

  The coastal promenade was built along the sea. It was said that in order to reduce the traces of artificial carvings, the Linhai wooden plank road was built on some main road sections. The roadbed of the wooden plank road was integrated with the beach reef, which was harmonious and pleasing.

Strolling here, on the one hand is a bustling city, on the other side is the sea, pleasing to the eye.

  If you have limited time, it is recommended to choose a short experience. One of the best viewpoints is the section near the May Fourth Square. You can see the red torch-shaped landmark “May of the Wind” in Qingdao, and the music fountain and the other side.Qingdao City Government Building, looking south is the beautiful Yan’er Island, where the Olympic sailing competition is antique.

  Gas station information traffic: Guangzhou to Qingdao has about 10 flights a day, the journey is 2 hours and 50 minutes.

  Applicable to: Qingdao accommodation options, such as home, 7 days and other budget hotels are around 200 yuan.

  Cuisine: Qingdao is rich in sea cucumber, scallops, abalone, conch, big prawns, and Jiaji fish. The boiled seafood is fresh enough to savour.